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Welcome To My Website

My Name Is George Donathan I have been self employed in the graphics and marketing business since December 1989 and in the internet business since December 1, 1996. I own and and operate a few websites related to design, marketing, hosting, support and training. I’ve operated mainly under the name of “Affordable Web Sites”. I took this website from its infancy when “netscape” was a dominant search engine, all the way to the top of google, yahoo and bing search engines.

Over the last 2 decades, I’ve accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and resources. Through this website, I’m making my entire services available as a consultant.

How I Make It Affordable?

I don't have any frills (like a fancy office, toll free number, excessive staff, etc.), I closed my original brick and mortar office in 2003. In addition, I do not have thousands of clients; I only accept the amount of clients that my staff can handle. "I Won't Brag About How Many Clients I Have, I'd Rather Brag About How I Treat The Clients I Have". This gives me the ability to provide "big company" services, with a "small company price, service and support"

There are basically two ways I provide my services.

  1. As a consultant providing you with the information you need through research and experience in order to complete a task. Translation, you tell me what you want to accomplish and I advise you of the best way to complete your project. The advantage of this option is that you may have some experience working with your project or you may be on a tight budget and just need assistance.

  2. As an independent contractor, I provide the service directly to you. Translation, you tell me what you want to do, you hire me to complete your project. The advantage of this option is that you get to sit back and focus on your core business and let my team and I complete your project.

What I Offer?

I offer much more than just web designing services. I also provide total Online marketing solutions, ecommerce design and development, graphics designing services, social media management and site analytics services.

How Do You Get Started

Schedule your initial free consultation today by calling me at 478-922-8979 or emailing me at, I make myself available Monday to Friday from 8a-6p and Saturday from 4p-6p.

Why do you need an INTERNET consultant?

A consultant will get you through the whole website designing process. A consultant will provide you with one-on-one services, where they will be responsible solely for your project from start to end.

You can contact me directly at for any issues and you won’t even have to channel through customer services.

I will help you choose the best domain name, best hosting solution, set up your social media accounts, integrate your existing email accounts and much more.

When you hire my team and I, you have access to:

  • Over $10,000 in immediate hardware and software
  • Over 29 years of experience
  • A dedicated staff that treats you special
  • Over 500,000 images. videos and illustrations

When you hire my team and I, you can count on us for:

  • Fast support response time
  • A small client based which increases the quality of our services
  • Your website protected by two servers to reduce downtime
  • Keeping your project fresh with periodic updates
  • A CD/DVD copy of your project at anytime upon request
  • Daily, weekly and monthly local and remote backups
  • A comprehensive disaster recovery plan
  • A local SEO marketing campaign
  • An effective email marketing account through constant contact

When you hire my team and I, you can count on us to:

  • Use only professional level tools for your project
  • Stay up to date with the current technologies used to develop your project
  • Used only qualified vendors for services not directly available in house
  • Provide you with a maintenance plan at no additional charge

A Summary Of My Tools Are Listed Here

Some Of My Partners

Big Commerce


Constant Contact

Go Daddy


Call 478-922-8979 For Your Free Consultation Today!

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Affordable Domains

We have Our Own Domain Registrar - This allows us to register domain names ourselves from just $12.50 a year or lower. Go to In addition, we provide hosting, issue SSL certificates, setup Word Press blogs and much more.



Affordable Web Sites

We Won't Brag About How Many Clients We Have, We'd Rather Brag About How We Treat The Clients We Have.  For more information or help with designing your website, feel free to contact us by phone at 478-922-8979 or just visit our website at




My marketing website provides Search Engine Optimization, SEO marketing, email marketing, press releases, articles, directory listing and Google advertising services since 1996. Go to




Positive Black Sisters

A Website for Positive Black women entrepreneurs Who are Making this World a Better Place. Go to




Black Women Authors

A Platform for Black Women Authors to Promote their Work. Go to




Positive Black Brothers

To provide a source of positive news regarding African Americans, including their causes, music, politics and families. In addition, we provide a marketing avenues for African Americans with existing websites or blogs. Go to




Warner Robins Directory

The purpose of this web site is to compliment the yellow pages if you have a directory listing or as an alternative to the directory listings if you do no not.


One Page Websites Created For The Pandemic.

I’ve seen a few social media contacts without websites. I created this website for one reason, to offer those authors and entrepreneurs a simple one page website to enhance your current social media listing. Since this website is basically marketed through Positive Black Sisters and Black Womens Authors, you can use the links above to navigate back to those websites. Visit

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Affordable WordPress Websites

The online domain is always changing. New web technologies allow the addition of new capabilities to websites and applications. This means that the competition is always making attempts to embrace new technologies and features to get ahead. WordPress has been one of the most widely used and one of the largest platforms for website and blog development. It is always being updated and keeping track of these changes can be impossible for you as a business owner. Affordable WordPress Development services from George Donathan helps you stay ahead of the curve, with their 30 years of industry experience.