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What is web hosting?

Web hosting provides an online home for your website and makes it accessible to the world. Hosting providers store your website files, including articles, images, product information and site coding, on a secure computer called a server. When someone types your website address into their browser, the hosting server retrieves these files and displays them on the visitor’s screen.

After 27 years in business, I’ve tried a few companies. My criteria for selecting a web host may be slightly different than a regular consumer, so my choices are based on my business relationships and the advanced support I pay for.

Listed below are the two main companies I use to host my projects.

Word Press Hosting

From Affordable Domain

Total Price For 1 Month

Includes Digital (SSL) Certificate

Total Price For 3 Months

Includes Digital (SSL) Certificate

Word Press Hosting

From Site Ground

some of my partners


Since 1996


Since 1990

Site Ground

Since 2019

Elegant Themes

Since 2018

Big Commerce

Since 2010

Constant Contact

Since 2010

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