Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server means instead of buying a share of space and bandwidth on a server as you do in normal hosting you actually buy the entire machine. The advantages mean you can host numerous websites yourself or one large popular site. You own it so you set the rules. However, you have to look after the server yourself, it's your problem to fix it as there's no host to support you. When software needs to be configured you have to do it or hire somebody. A dedicated server includes a web server, software, and Internet connection and is usually situated on the web hosting site's premises which is called collocation. A dedicated server is normally necessary for a web site or set of related sites that have a lot of traffic. The server can usually be operated remotely by the client company and can save router, connection, security and administration costs. Most servers provide a set amount of memory, hard disk space, and bandwidth on a monthly basis. Domain names, e-mail, and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) functions are usually included as is technical support. If you want to rent a server please check server collocation.

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