A webcast (or web cast) is a live broadcast of information in video or audio formats over the internet. In some cases a webcast is a simulcast of a broadcast signal. Video and audio are streamed over the internet, which you download and view with the appropriate media software. Sometimes the audio feed is split from the video, in which case the webcast's audience accesses the audio with their phone. With a webcast, data transmission is usually only one way (sent out), thus the audience is unable to communicate with the presenter.

Webcasts are a great way for individuals or organizations to remotely share information with their audience. This is particularly true of universities and large international businesses. Rather than the static, one dimensional quality of a newsletter or press release, a webcast can present information dynamically and in real-time. This is advantageous where there is a lot of complex or detailed information. And since many presenters decide to archive their webcasts, the audience can review the information as often as necessary.

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