Everything you need to know about network routers
Network routers allow multiple computers to work from the same server. Home networking routers allow between four and six computers to connect to the same Internet service provider simultaneously. Wired routers connect computers through cables while wireless routers use radio frequencies to communicate with a wireless-compatible computer. There is the catch. No matter how excited you feel about wireless routers, if your computer is not wireless capable it does you no good whatsoever.

Wired vs. Wireless Routers
The nice thing about wireless routers is their versatility. You can have computers in separate rooms or on different floors. With a wired router, your computers need to be pretty close together. One thing that interferes with a wireless router signal, however, is a microwave oven. If your wireless computer is near one or over one you will need to get a signal booster to get past the microwaves. They are not expensive.

The important thing to remember is that routers are not modems. The modem receives the data packet that allows the connection to the Internet. The router disperses the connection among different computers. Some modems, specifically broadband modems and DSL modems, can act as wired routers. For wireless broadband Internet connections, however, you need a wireless broadband router. This will connect to your broadband modem and transmit the signal to your wireless computers.

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, routers can be wireless but the introduction of WiFi has caused a number of disruptions in service. VoIP routers do not use the same frequencies that wireless ones do. Minimizing WiFi disruption for VoIP users is a major priority for the industry today.

Buying a Router
Used routers are available just about everywhere. They are nice as a quick fix for a router problem or as a backup router. However, all routers have a life span of usually three to five years. A used router, depending on how long it was in use, has a shorter life span than a new one.

Cisco is an industry pioneer in computer modules and routers. Cisco routers are in many businesses around the world. They are heavy-duty routers designed to provide sharing abilities across many computers at the same time.

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